Shareholder structure

Grupa LOTOS share capital structure by series.
As at December 31st 2013 and the date of publication of this Report.
Shareholder structure of Grupa LOTOS as at the end of 2012 (%)

Grupa LOTOS shareholder structure from April 24th 2013 to the date of this Report (%)

Geographical structure of minority interests (%) 1

1 Based on the identified minority interests.

{GRI 2.6.}

Grupa LOTOS share capital did not change from the value reported in 2012 and is divided into 129,873,362 fully paid-up ordinary shares with a par value of PLN 1 per share. Each share represents one vote at the General Meeting and carries the right to dividend.

In 2012-2013 and until the date of this Report, the State Treasury held a total of 69,076,392 ordinary bearer shares in Grupa LOTOS, representing 53.20% of its share capital and the same proportion of voting rights at the Company’s General Meeting.

In 2012, no changes occurred in the main shareholder composition, which means that the remaining 46.81% of share capital, that is 60,796,970 shares, was in free float.

On April 29th 2013, the Company was notified that as a result of the acquisition of Grupa LOTOS shares in transactions on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, settled on April 24th 2013, the open-end pension fund ING Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny increased its shareholding in the Company so that it exceeded the threshold of 5% of the total voting rights at the Company's General Meeting. (more information)

Share capital and voting rights at the General Meeting, held by Grupa LOTOS shareholders as at December 31st 2013 and the date of publication of this Report
Shareholder Number of shares/voting rights Par value of shares Share in share capital/total voting rights at the GM
State Treasury 69,076,392 69,076,392 53.20%
ING OFE 6,893,079 6,893,079 5.30%
Other shareholders 53,903,891 53,903,891 41.50%
Total 129,873,362 129,873,362 100.00%
Entity Number of shares Share in total voting rights
at the GM [%]*
Share in share capital [%]
State Treasury 69,076,392 78 53.20

* Based on data from the GM summoned for June 28th 2013.

In 2013, the Company did not issue any securities which would vest shareholders with any special control powers. As at the date of this Report, we have no information on shareholders' agreements on joint exercise of voting rights.

One share in Grupa LOTOS confers the right to one vote at its General Meeting (GM). However, pursuant to the Company's Articles of Association (Statute of Grupa LOTOS), the voting rights of Company shareholders are limited, so that none may exercise more than 10% of the total voting rights at the Company, as at the day on which the General Meeting is held, with the proviso that for the purpose of determining the obligations of buyers of significant shareholdings (provided for in the Act on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading and Public Companies of July 29th 2005, and the Act on Insurance Activity of May 22nd 2003), such limitation of voting rights is deemed non-existent.