Social capital


Kapitał społeczny

Social capital of Grupa LOTOS

  • Good, long-standing relations within and between communities and key groups of the LOTOS Group’s stakeholders. 
  • Ability to cooperate and share information in order to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities in the organization’s environment. 
  • Legitimacy for conducting business activities in areas of the organization’s immediate impact. 
  • Good knowledge of the social conditions, needs and challenges present in the areas affected by the LOTOS Group’s operations as well as properly addressing our support to them.
  • Public trust built on consistent engagement in the region’s development.

Our objectives in social capital management:

  • Stronger integration with local communities by means of increasing the organization’s positive contribution into the region’s development and minimizing the negative impact of our activities.
  • Respect for the social capital and diversity, observing human rights, including the freedom of speech and the freedom of association.
  • Contributing to creating jobs and to improving the quality of social capital in the area of the LOTOS Group’s impact.
  • Counteracting exclusion and other social problems in areas that fit with our competence.
  • Streamlining the multi-directional communication with stakeholders, including further development of our system of public consultations.

Key activities:

  • Focusing our social activities on areas that fit with our competence, i.e. road safety, especially among the youngest road traffic participants, ensuring equal social opportunities for gifted youth from areas of lower economic potential as well as environmental protection and ecology, placing particular emphasis on the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea due to the coastal location of our refinery.
  • Performing regular evaluations of projects carried out for the benefit of local communities.
  • Conducting opinion polls, public consultations and other activities engaging key stakeholders in shaping the organization’s policies.
  • Streamlining our procurement procedures by means of introducing social, environmental and ethical clauses into contracts, by applying appropriate requirements in bidding procedures, conducting checks and audits of suppliers as well as propagating the LOTOS Group’s Code of Ethics.
  • Organizing training sessions in the area of human rights protection for our security personnel.
  • Creating new jobs in connection with the organization’s investment projects, including in the supply chain.


Positive feedback from partners and beneficiaries achieved in the evaluation processes accompanying the organization’s social and environmental projects
Low level of social risk connected with the organization’s relations with its local environment
Mitigated risk connected with the organization’s process safety
Rising number of beneficiaries of the organization’s community development programmes
Development of the research conducted by the organization’s social partners with regard to preserving the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea and protecting the natural riches of areas neighbouring with Grupa LOTOS in the Pomerania region
140 trade partners of the LOTOS Group have become acquainted with the LOTOS Group’s Code of Ethics and the organization’s requirements in this area
Over 1,500 training hours on human rights issues conducted at the LOTOS Group during the year