Intellectual capital


Kapitał intelektualny

Intellectual capital of Grupa LOTOS

  • Intangible resources associated with the LOTOS brand.
  • Intangible resources associated with the LOTOS Group’s reputation.
  • Intangible resources associated with product brands and trademarks.
  • Intangible resources based on staff’s expertise and competence.
  • Management systems, internal procedures, policies.
  • Intellectual property.

Our objectives in the management of intellectual capital:

  • Enhance the LOTOS brand value.
  • Raise the awareness of LOTOS as a socially responsible brand.
  • Get across to capital market participants the message that corporate social responsibility is perceived by the LOTOS Group as an essential part of its corporate management.
  • Continually develop staff’s qualifications.
  • Improve corporate management by ensuring transparency of the business processes and protecting the organization against the risk of irregularities that may threaten its operations.

Key activities:

  • Incorporating solutions and technologies developed outside the organization – by acquiring patents, licences and know-how, liaising with academic communities and forming strategic alliances between businesses;
  • Product, process, marketing and organizational innovations;
  • Comprehensive staff development programmes;
  • R&D activities.
  • Wide-ranging assessment of organizational maturity.


LOTOS brand value in excess of PLN 1 billion
Introduction of innovative technology, product and management solutions which bring down costs, mitigate the Company’s adverse impact on its environment, help achieve anticipatory compliance with stringent legal requirements, improve customer satisfaction and optimise processes
Highly qualified staff prepared to implement advanced technologies and apply the best available operational practices. At Grupa LOTOS, 57% of employees have a university diploma, and 1% hold a PhD degree
Own product and technological patents
Growth of the intellectual capital in regions where the Company maintains long-term relationships with higher education institutions, which have been granted PLN 1.2m on scholarships and awards for 234 undergraduate and doctoral students, and with secondary schools, where submissions to the ‘Jasło Science League with LOTOS’ in 2013 included 91 R&D projects