Integrated Annual Report 2013


Building the value of Grupa LOTOS

The LOTOS brand is becoming more and more recognizable all around the world. Over the course of the last 10 years, from a well-established player on the Pomeranian market we have developed into one of the biggest corporations in Poland, which in many respects comes top in its industry in the international market as well. We derive the strength to develop even further from the system of values that we have developed for our organization over the years as LOTOS is, first and foremost, about our people who determine the organization’s prospects for the future.

The overarching objective of our activities is to create value for our shareholders using the best resources at our disposal: our intellectual and human, financial, natural and productive, as well as social and relationship capital. We build LOTOS value through the responsible and professional approach to management we have adopted as well as through the implementation of our strategy which is based on ambitious development plans. As an oil concern, we pursue our activities in the exploration and production, operating and marketing segments. 

In our development efforts, we respect the principles of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. This means that we continuously strive to reduce our environmental footprint while paying due regard to the competence and experience of our employees who are our key capital.  

5th position
Effective and Rising
The best refinery in Central and Eastern Europe
Value of the LOTOS brand

Financial capital

Among the key objectives of the corporate governance implemented at Grupa LOTOS are: creating shareholder value, achieving transparency of our activities and building trust in our relations with stakeholders. Our value also depends on how we are perceived in the capital market. And therefore we place particular emphasis on shaping our communication with the market properly. This increases our credibility, limits the risk and enables us to gain access to financing sources for our key development projects.

Included in the RESPECT Index
14 licences acquired on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
PLN 1.5bn total value of the exploration and production CAPEX investment

Natural and productive capital

Our environmental policy is geared towards clean manufacturing, understood as continuously striving to reduce the use of media and materials, to limit the emissions of pollutants, to manage waste effectively and to ensure the safety of our production processes. The reduction of the LOTOS refinery’s environmental impact is the effect of a number of investment and organizational activities we have been consistently implementing as we treat our pro-environmental activities as one of our priorities in managing the organization.

8.7m tonnes crude processed
33.4% share in the domestic fuel market
185 thousand tonnes reduction in CO2 emissions over a year
EUR 15.7m in pro-environmental investments

Relationship capital

In relations with our business partners, we strive to be a good ambassador of our system of values based on respect, professionalism, transparency and cooperation. This applies both to the operators of the LOTOS service stations, who serve as intermediaries between us and our customers, and to our wholesaler partners. Our goal is to ensure that we share the same ethical principles in our business activities.

LOTOS Optima the second fastest growing chain of service stations in Poland
75 countries LOTOS-branded products are present all around the world
100% of agreements with trading partners include clauses requiring them to ensure safe working conditions

Social capital

Our market position which we have been consistently building over years enables us to create jobs and contribute to the development of our social and business partners and we are well aware of our obligations resulting from it. Therefore, when implementing our strategic business objectives we take into account the needs of the local communities and of the natural environment as we understand creating value as accepting additional obligations and taking responsibility for the influence we have on our environment.

1st place in the sector’s responsible companies ranking
Golden CSR Leaf for implementing  the ISO 26000 standard
PLN 12.6bn in taxes for regional development
‘In Search for the Champion’s Successors’

Human capital

For creating the value of the company, it is also of importance what kind of an employer it is, in particular whether it gives its employees opportunities to develop different competences and whether it adopts the right approach to communicating clearly and building relations with them. Our HR policy is long-term and based on continued application and improvement of best practices in responsible recruitment and employment, facilitating employees’ adaptation to work environment, qualification raising systems, evaluation and motivation of employees, compliance with ethical principles and rules of occupational health and safety

The Best Employer title
80% effectiveness of internal staff development process confirmed by participants having been promoted
1,500 training hours on human rights issues over a year
Human Resources Management Leader

Intellectual capital

Our development projects are to ensure not only a better market position for LOTOS but also to contribute to technological development of the organization. To that end, professionally prepared and engaged people as well as modern motivational and training tools as well as any other tools which support our HR management are essential. Our objective is to actively raise the intellectual potential of our employees as it is thanks to them that our refinery is among the most state-of-the-art refineries in the world and that our complex organizational and investment projects are implemented unimpeded.

PLN 1.2m in scholarships and awards for students
Business Superbrands Poland
Own production and technological patents
LOTOS Academy


  • LOTOS Tank takes off as fuel supplier at Warsaw Chopin Airport

    E(x)plory Festival

    15th edition of the Bielsko Jazz Blizzard

    2013-2015 Effective and Rising Programme

  • 6 months with the 'White and Green Future with LOTOS'

    New LOTOS Rally Team presented

    'Fill up with Emotions' LOTOS 70th Rally Poland

    Press conference with Robert Kubica

  • The refinery in Gdańsk gets more efficient

    Modern rubber-modified bitumen

    The 1200 furnace and kestrels

    LOTOS acquires interest in Norwegian licenses and doubles production

  • LOTOS and Grupa Azoty in PLN 12bn joint Polish petrochemical project

    New LOTOS platform on the Baltic Sea

    Direction: Production

    New football centre in Kokoszki - the intent letter signed

  • Seals released into the BalicSea

    Lotos Serwis

    'In Search for Champion's Successors' brings great results

    New LOTOS platform on the Baltic Sea 2



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