Relationship capital


Kapitał relacyjny

Relationship capital of Grupa LOTOS

  • Well-established sales channels and distribution system ensuring customer satisfaction;
  • Solid market position;
  • Reputation of a reliable supplier of prime quality products;
  • High level of customer service;
  • Well-earned trust and commitment, which support our relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners;
  • Sustainable supply chain.

Our objectives in the management of relationship capital:

  • Maximise financial performance by optimally leveraging our resources and market opportunities, leading to enhancement of shareholder value.
  • Build lasting customer relationships through a focus on understanding customers’ needs and delivering the expected product quality and safety.

Key activities:

  • Consolidate our reputation of a reliable product supplier.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing our service and sale processes to meet customer expectations, introducing a uniform group-wide complaint handling procedure, designing the implementation of a recording system and system for active management of customer relationships, developing the chain of LOTOS Optima economy service stations, and other initiatives.
  • Optimally manage the supply chain (planning, procurement, production and distribution).
  • Continue the policy of diversifying directions and sources of crude oil supplies.


Steady improvement in customer satisfaction levels
Export of LOTOS-branded products to 75 countries around the world
Strong growth of the chain of economy service stations
Promotion of the best commercial practices among the supply chain actors
Leadership in key product categories