Awards and distinctions


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In 2013, LOTOS Group companies received numerous awards and distinctions in key areas such as corporate management, CSR and product and service quality.

Management quality  
  1. Paweł Olechnowicz, President and CEO of Grupa LOTOS, was given a prestigious Manager Award, a distinction awarded by Business Magazine to managers that are seen to be setting the tone for the Polish economy. The Manager Award jury is presided over by the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and is given in recognition of outstanding achievements made by company managers. 
  2. Paweł Olechnowicz, President and CEO of Grupa LOTOS, was also awarded the Man of Energy title by the Nowy Przemysł monthly and the website. Mr. Olechnowicz was among 12 people whose work, ideas and beliefs have had a considerable impact on the Polish energy and fuel sector over the last 10 years and have stood the test of time.
  3. Grupa LOTOS took the top position in the 2012 Pillars of Polish Economy ranking, in the Province of Gdańsk. The ranking was compiled by Puls Biznesu daily’s editorial team, under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of the State Treasury, Polish Investments Programme, and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The winner was selected by the representatives of local governments. 
  4. Grupa LOTOS was ranked first by the Accounting and Taxation Institute, the organizer of The Best Annual Report competition, in two categories: The 2012 Best Annual Report and The Internet Annual Report.
  5. Grupa LOTOS ranked second among the 500 largest Polish companies of the 500 List, a periodic ranking of the companies from the industrial, trading and services sectors, compiled by the Polityka weekly. The Company’s position in the main ranking was based on the criterion of revenue, which in 2012 came in at PLN 33.1bn. Grupa LOTOS has been ranked fifth among the 100 largest exporters. In 2012, the LOTOS Group posted export revenue in excess of PLN 8.9bn. The Company was also sixth among the 500 largest companies of Central and Eastern Europe in a ranking published by COFACE. The position in the region was also based on the criterion of revenue. 
  6. Four Forbes' Diamonds were awarded to LOTOS Asfalt, LOTOS Terminale, LOTOS Serwis, and LOTOS Lab. Forbes magazine, together with the business intelligence agency Bisnode Polska, compiled their seventh list of companies with the fastest value growth. 
  7. Grupa LOTOS received the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Downstream Industry Award’ of the World Refining Association for the best refinery in Central and Eastern Europe.
Corporate Social Responsibility   
  1.  Grupa LOTOS received the CSR Golden Leaf in the second ranking of companies whose CSR policies adhere to the ISO 26000 standard, compiled by the Polityka weekly and PwC. 
  2. Grupa LOTOS was distinguished as ‘The Best Employer 2013’ in the XXL Companies category. The ‘Best Employer’ survey was conducted by Aon Hewitt, based on a complex methodology, encompassing questionnaires measuring employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as an assessment of the HR practices in place at a given company. 
  3. Grupa LOTOS received the title of the '2013 Human Resources Management Leader' and a Golden Statuette for outstanding achievements in all HR management areas, awarded by the Institute of Labour and Social Studies.
  4. Grupa LOTOS took eighth place overall in the 7th Responsible Companies Ranking, and second in the Industry category (Fuel, Energy, Mining). The Responsible Companies Ranking draws on a comprehensive list of the largest companies in Poland, assessing them for the quality of their Corporate Social Responsibility management. The authors of the ranking are representatives of the Business Ethics Centre of Akademia Leona Koźminskiego (Kozminski University) and the Dziennik Gazety Prawnej daily, while PwC is responsible for checking and verification. Patronage of the ranking is held by the Responsible Business Forum.
  5. In the 11th edition of the Responsible Business in Poland ranking. Good Practices Report, published by the Responsible Business Forum, three practices adopted by Grupa LOTOS were cited. These were: public consultations on the Code of Ethics; stakeholders’ involvement in formulating a revised CSR strategy, and the use of natural gas as a heating and process fuel in Grupa LOTOS. The Company was also presented with a statuette to mark the five years of its cooperation with the Responsible Business Forum. 
  6. Grupa LOTOS was declared 'A Well-Perceived Company' in the 4th edition of a competition organised by the Business Centre Club. The Company was awarded in two categories – strategy and communication. The purpose of the competition is to honour companies which conduct their business in a socially-responsible manner and promote knowledge of CSR and effective methods of its communication. The competition was organised under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.
  7. Grupa LOTOS has been included in the 6th and 7th edition of the RESPECT Index of the most socially responsible WSE-listed companies. The Company has been part of the Index since its creation in 2009. 
  8. ‘The White and Green Future with LOTOS’ CSR Programme, run by Grupa LOTOS and the Lechia Gdańsk Football Academy, won the September’s edition of the Responsible Initiative of the Month competition, organised by the website. 
  9. Grupa LOTOS received a statuette of the 2013 Patron of Culture, awarded by the Mayor of Jasło to companies that provide considerable support for cultural events organised in Jasło. 
  10. Grupa LOTOS was awarded the ‘Leader of Safety in the Industry’ title by the insurance company PZU at the Risk Engineering Days conference.
Quality of products and services   
  1. The LOTOS brand received a prestigious Business Superbrand 2013 award in the 7th edition of the Superbrand contest for the strongest brands in Poland. The award was granted in the corporate brand category. The Superbrands title, awarded for 17 years in over 87 countries, is granted by Superbrands Ltd., an independent international organization. The purpose of the initiative is to promote and award brands that achieved success on the market thanks to their unique qualities. 
  2. During the Ninth Autostrada-Polska Trade Fair in Kielce, LOTOS Asfalt won a medal in the Technology category for its rubber modified bitumen, a product only recently introduced to the Polish market. The product was recognised for its innovativeness and excellent properties in practical applications. Grupa LOTOS’s refinery in Gdańsk is the first in Poland to manufacture bitumen modified with rubber from recycled tyres. The technology employed by Grupa LOTOS allows for a broad range of applications for the product, in construction of hard-wearing and environmentally friendly road surfaces. The Autostrada-Polska trade fair is one of the most prestigious events in the road construction industry and a meeting point for industry leaders and top industry brands.
  3. LOTOS Asfalt received the 2013 Transport Innovation Award and the title of the Innovation Ambassador at the Second Transport Innovation Forum. The competition, held under the auspices of the Representation of the European Commission in Poland, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Akademia Leona Koźminskiego (Kozminski University), and the Transport Innovation Centre, is organised by the Center for Analyses in Transport and Infrastructure (CATI) to provide recognition to innovative enterprises.
  4. TRANSMIL XSP oil won the Quality International 2013 Golden Badge in the QI Product category for top quality goods. This award confirms the status of the brand and its owner as industry leaders, and attests to its highest quality − quality that is both highly trusted and widely renowned. The awards are organised by the Ministry of Regional Development, Klub Polskie Forum ISO 9000 (Polish ISO 9000 Forum Club), and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. TRANSMIL XSP is the first mineral oil available on the global market to meet the stringent SIEMENS/FLENDER Rev.13 criteria.
  5. Turdus Powertec 3000 10W/40 oil was awarded the Good Brand 2013 – Quality, Confidence, Reputation title. The title is given by the Forum Biznesu editorial team to the best, most dynamic, and most recognised brands in Poland, under the auspices of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Turdus Powertec is an advanced semi-synthetic oil for high-power diesel engines. 
  6. The LOTOS brand was recognised as the TOP BRAND 2013 in the Engine oil category of the Consumer Laurel 2013 competition. The title was awarded based on a popularity analysis of brands present on the Polish market, as well as their growth dynamics over the last five years. The fact that the LOTOS brand received this high distinction in the engine oils category confirms awareness and popularity of the brand among Polish customers. 
  7. The LOTOS Dynamic brand was awarded the Good Fuel Symbol. The Symbol 2013 promotional initiative was organised by Monitor Rynkowy, a supplement to the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily. The Symbols are awarded in recognition of achievements and activities which stand out in the context of the Polish market. The distinction is granted to large, reputed companies which boast strong brands and market positions. 
  8. LOTOS Optima service stations received a distinction in the Best Service Station of 2013 competition, in the Economy service station and the Service station shop categories. Distinctions were granted to the LOTOS Optima station in Nadarzyn and the LOTOS Premium station located by the Opera House in Gdańsk during the 13th PetroTrend Fuel Market Forum. 
  9. According to research conducted by Daymaker of Sweden, LOTOS brand service stations offer the best customer service quality among its Polish peers. The research was carried out by mystery shoppers, and covered Polish shops from 125 chains, representing 19 different sectors, including service stations. The shoppers evaluated their surroundings, first impressions, the staff’s knowledge and ability to identify customer’s needs, as well as the overall sales process and send-off.