Membership in organizations


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Grupa LOTOS is a member of national and international industry, business, and specialist organizations. As their members, we can take active part in e.g. shaping the government’s policies and creating laws on energy sector issues, with a particular focus on the fuel sector.

Industry organizations
Business organizations
Organizations dedicated to CSR promotion
Specialist organizations

Industry organizations

Conservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe, CONCAWE

We have been a member of CONCAWE since 2006. The organization was established in 1963 by a group of leading oil companies to carry out research on environmental protection, quality of fuels, air, water, biofuels, soil contamination, occupational health and safety, and the management of products supplied via pipelines. The main objectives of CONCAWE are to acquire scientific, economic, and technical information, to the greatest possible extent, on environmental issues involved in the refining of crude oil and the distribution of petroleum products. 
In 2013, the process of merging CONCAWE with another big European industry organizations, EUROPIA, commenced.

Polska Organizacja Przemysłu i Handlu Naftowego, POPiHN (Polish Organization of the Oil Industry and Trade)

The Company was a founding member of POPiHN at its inception in 2003. One of our objectives in the organization is to ensure the sustainable development of the competitive fuel market in Poland, by taking measures aimed at the adoption of codes of business conduct in keeping with EU legislation, and by ensuring the equal treatment of all fuel market players in Poland, etc. We are striving to achieve our objectives by initiating, assessing, and commenting on draft legislation proposed by Polish lawmakers and the draft measures of EU laws. As a member of POPiHN, we are also able to present our position to representatives of the Polish parliament, government, and other public administration authorities.

Stowarzyszenie Naukowo-Techniczne Inżynierów i Techników Przemysłu Naftowego i Gazownictwa, SITPNiG (Polish Association of the Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians)

Together with LOTOS Petrobaltic and LOTOS Terminale, we are supporting members of SITPNiG. The Association provides support to the oil and gas industry, acting towards the social utility of public projects. It inspires scientific, technical and organizational projects to the benefit of the country's economy, environmental protection, and sustainable development. The Association strives to improve the professional qualifications of its members, disseminates knowledge as well as technological and environmental culture, and promotes the tradition of the oil and gas industry. 

Windsor Energy Group, WEG 

We became members of the Windsor Energy Group in 2009. WEG is an independent think-tank headquartered in London that focuses on building the global order and on energy sector security, with a special emphasis on the oil and gas sector and the alternative energy sector. The organization brings together former politicians, former ambassadors in petroleum countries, government advisors, as well as CEOs of large corporations engaged in oil and gas exploration and production. As a member of WEG, we support the development of the European energy sector and promote the position of representatives of the Central European energy sector in the European Union. 

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, is a member of WEG's International Advisory Panel.

World Petroleum Council – Polish National Committee 

We work on the Polish Steering Committee of the world's only organization representing all fields of the oil sector. Its main function is to facilitate dialogue between stakeholders, both internally within the sector and externally, with regard to key technical, social, environmental, and management aspects. The World Petroleum Council brings together 60 member countries, representing 95 per cent of the world's oil and gas production and consumption.

Central Europe Energy Partners, CEEP

We are the founding member of CEEP, together with Energa, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, Kulczyk Investments, and PFAG. CEEP is an international regional non-profit organization, registered in 2010 in Belgium, with offices in Brussels and Berlin. It represents the Central European energy sector as it is broadly understood, including oil, natural gas, electrical energy, renewable energy sources, nuclear power, and interconnectors. The main objective of the organization, as specified in its statutes, is to support integration of the Central European energy sector under a common energy policy and security policy for the EU energy sector. To that end, CEEP cooperates with international think-tanks such as the Center for Strategic & International Studies (Washington), Windsor Energy Group (London), King’s College (London), Atlantic Council (Washington), as well as international organizations, including the International Energy Agency (Paris), Euracoal (Brussels), and EUROPIA (Brussels). The organization currently includes 22 members from Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. As at the end of 2013, they employed more than 300,000 employees and had an annual turnover in excess of EUR 42bn. Negotiations with new potential members from other Central European countries are well underway. As a member of CEEP, we participate in all major events, consultations, and preparation of expert materials about the energy sector in the European Union. 

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEEP. 

Organizacja Polskiego Przemysłu Poszukiwawczo-Wydobywczego (Polish Exploration and Production Industries Organization)

We are the founding member of the Polish Exploration and Production Industry Organization, which focuses mainly on unconventional gas. It is a forum for consultations between the hydrocarbons production industry and the Polish government on the planned legal framework for the taxation of hydrocarbons production. The organization was established in 2010.

Atlantic Council 

We have been a member of the Atlantic Council since September 2013. This American organization promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs regarding the energy sector, the environment, world economy and economics as well as the transatlantic cooperation. Through its papers, functional programmes, supporting ideas, building relations and communities, it fosters transatlantic strategies to advance international security and global economic prosperity. The Atlantic Council is one of the most recognizable think-tanks in Washington, which not only has wide experience in issues regarding transatlantic cooperation but is also mainly known for its effectiveness in persuading key decision-makers to accept its arguments. As a member of the Atlantic Council, we take part in international thematic conferences and cooperate in drawing up regional analyses, which will allow us to build a strong position of the LOTOS brand on the American market.

Business organizations

Business Centre Club, BCC 

The Company's membership in the BCC dates back to 2000. We focus on co-operation in projects whose main objective is to fuel the growth of the Polish economy, increase the number of jobs, and provide assistance to entrepreneurs. We support the BCC in the creation of communication platforms for different social groups on matters of key importance for the country's development, with particular emphasis on the promotion of corporate social responsibility.

European League for Economic Cooperation, ELEC - Polish section

We have been a member of ELEC since 2002. It is an international NGO whose main objective is to support economic integration, foster the social and cultural identity of European societies, and enhance the role of Europe in the international arena. 

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, is a member of the management board of ELEC – Polish Section.

Gdański Klub Biznesu (Gdańsk Business Club)

Since 2002, we have been a member of the Gdańsk Business Club, which brings together entrepreneurs, owners, and directors of leading companies in the Pomerania region. Its mission is to foster economic development in all areas that can potentially influence the financial standing of its members, to provide support in business projects on a reciprocal basis, and to act towards the development of entrepreneurship, infrastructure, culture and education in the Pomerania region, as well as the protection of the health of its inhabitants. 

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, is a member of the board of the Gdańsk Business Club.

Klub Polskiej Rady Biznesu (Polish Business Roundtable Club)

We became a member of the Club back in 2005. The Club was established by the Polish Business Roundtable – an organization bringing together the crème de la crème of Polish entrepreneurs, working towards the economic development of Poland and consolidation of its business circles. 

Polskie Forum Akademicko-Gospodarcze, PFAG (Polish Higher Education-Business Forum)

We have been a member of PFAG since 2004. Its objective is to work towards more intensive cooperation in the area of higher education and business, and to support innovations and knowledge-based economy. The organization was established for the purpose of building strong cooperation between academic and business circles for the development of innovative solutions using national and EU funds. The Forum is a platform for the exchange of views and formulation of opinions on matters of crucial importance to Poland. It brings together representatives of businesses and leading Polish tertiary education institutions. 

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, holds the position of President of PFAG's Management Board. 

Stowarzyszenie Pomorskie w Unii Europejskiej (“Pomorskie in the European Union” Association)

We became a member of the Association in 2010. Its main objective is to support the activities of the Pomerania region's local government, tertiary education units, institutions, and enterprises operating at the EU level.  

Organizations dedicated to CSR promotion

Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu, FOB (Responsible Business Forum)

The Company has been a strategic partner of FOB since 2008. FOB’s mission is to promote the idea of corporate responsibility as a standard in Poland, in order to increase the competitiveness of Polish businesses, enhance social well-being, and protect the natural environment. FOB organises projects supporting the development of CSR in Poland and engages in initiatives promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

United Nations Global Compact 

We became a member of the organization in 2009. It is a global initiative of the United Nations calling on businesses and social organizations to respect 10 basic principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. The organization also supports the accomplishment of the general objectives of the United Nations, including the Millennium Development Goals. More than 12,000 enterprises and NGOs from 145 countries belong to the organization.

Specialist organizations

Pracodawcy RP (Employers of Poland)

Our membership in the organization dates back to 2004. Its main objective is to act in the common interest of business circles, supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing the role of employers in Poland. By commenting on draft legislation, the organization strives to secure mutual benefits for both employers and employees, on the basis of economic development, and to ensure fair and stable terms of employment, workplace safety, and social order.

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Zarzadzania Kadrami, PSZK (Polish Association of Human Resources Management)

Since 2013, we have been a strategic member of the biggest and oldest professional association focused on developing and promoting top human capital management standards in companies and organizations active in Poland. PSZK has built a member network for HRM practitioners by organizing nationwide conferences, campaigns, programmes and expert meetings dealing with issues connected with the labour market and HR Management, etc.

Stowarzyszenie Emitentów Giełdowych, SEG (Polish Association of Listed Companies)

We became a member of the SEG in 2006. As an organization of companies listed on the WSE, the SEG acts in their best interests, offering expertise and advice on stock market regulations and the rights and obligations of listed companies. Being an expert organization, it focuses on the dissemination and sharing of knowledge, with a view to supporting the development of the capital market and modern market economy in Poland. The SEG also serves as a hub for the integration of listed companies and promotes cooperation for the development of civic society.  

Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne, PTE (Polish Economic Society)

We are a member of this independent professional national association bringing together both practitioners and theoreticians in the field of economics. Its main objectives are to disseminate economic knowledge, act as an opinion-former, improve the qualifications of economists, and integrate their community. 

Klub Polskie Forum ISO 14000 (Polish ISO 14000 Forum Club)

We became a member of the organization in 1997. The Club's mission is to develop and promote initiatives, attitudes and activities conducive to development and popularisation of environmental management systems, in particular those based on the ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS Directive. The organization also conducts educational activities in the area of environmental protection and management, intergrates circles dealing with environmental management issues, and supports organizations implementing environmental management systems. The Club is fully independent and acts on a voluntary basis.

Klub Polskie Forum ISO 9000 (Polish ISO 9000 Forum Club)

We became a member of the organization in 1993. The organization associates suppliers of products and services interested in implementing, perfectioning and developing their management systems and the conformity assessment system, based on the ISO 9000 standard, concerning quality management systems, other standardisation documents dealing with organizational systems and management as well as new approach directives. The Club is fully independent and acts on a voluntary basis.

Stowarzyszenie Księgowych w Polsce (Accountants Association in Poland)

We are a member of this Association, which brings together representatives of professions related to accounting and finance. It focuses on the development of accounting and financial audit systems in Poland to make sure they reflect the latest changes in, and meet the requirements of, internationally recognised standards. 

Polska Okręgowa Izba Inżynierów Budownictwa (Polish District Chamber of Construction Engineers)

Our membership in the organization dates back to 2001. As a self-regulatory professional body, the Chamber represents its members and protects their interests, especially by submitting proposals to the legislative and executive bodies on creating conditions favourable to the development of the construction sector in Poland and the role of the engineering profession in that process, and by cooperating with other self-regulatory professional, scientific and technical bodies operating in the construction sector.