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As the State Treasury’s equity interest in the Company exceeds 50% (50% of the total number of shares), remuneration paid to members of the Board of Grupa LOTOS is regulated by the Act of March 3rd 2000 on Remunerating Persons Who Manage Certain Legal Entities (Dz.U. of 2000 No. 26, item 306, as amended). Under the Act, the body authorised to determine the monthly remuneration payable to President of the Board is the General Meeting. Remuneration paid to the other Board members is determined by the Supervisory Board, as provided for under the Company’s Articles of Association. The remuneration policy is discussed in greater detail in the 2012 Report. (more information)

In line with an amendment to the Act, in 2013 the Board members were entitled to receive monthly remuneration calculated on the basis of the average monthly salary in the non-financial corporate sector net of bonuses paid from profit in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Remuneration of the Grupa LOTOS Board members in 2013
Name and surname Amount (PLN '000)
Paweł Olechnowicz 319
Mariusz Machajewski 320
Zbigniew Paszkowicz 260
Marek Sokołowski 358
Maciej Szozda 323
Total 1,580